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  • Client: Tamarin Entertainment
  • Project Name: Medford ShopRite End Cap Panels

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ShopRite End Caps


Direct Imaging to Polystyrene with Digital Die Cut

About This Project

The mandate from Tamarin Entertainment, to Quaker Chroma Imaging, was to produce flexible styrene panels with attention to color matching via our Direct Printing technique.

The challenge was to animate blank areas of Medford Shoprite’s shelving system.  In this project the End Caps of the shelving system had a “wraparound” area of 9”  by 128“ that was prime real estate for branding of the ShopRite Logo.

Our first detail was to do a site survey to determine the best type of printable plastic that would work the best.  It seemed that .020 Polystyrene would have the correct flex properties to achieve a seamless graphic. We determined that Velcro Hook and Loop strips could affix the panels with ease.  With the Velcro approach the graphics could change out with fresh graphics in the future.

QCI provided color tests with attention to printing the branded yellow specific to ShopRite’s logo.  Our pre-press department made file adjustments for optimum printability of the match colors.

The printing was done from vector files which provided excellent resolution.  The resultant graphics printed smoothly with no banding and full ink saturation of the background color.


With careful planning, utilization of our 2nd shift, and constant communication with Tamarin Productions, the project was completed on time. ShopRite was keen on having the install of the graphics be easily achieved by in store staff.  It was no problem. We produced the first few panels and did an in store test installation which was successful.  We made a few tweaks and then completed 11 panels, for each of the End Caps. The final installation transformed the End Caps with dramatic affect.  QCI is grateful of its vendor relationship with Tamarin Productions. We take satisfaction that we could play an important role in the successful completion of this unique project.

We utilized the following equipment:

Flat Bed UV Printing on our VuTek Press Vu 200/600W with White Ink Capability, allows us to print directly on media up to 1.5 inches thick. The VuTek Prints up to 80 inches wide by any length on roll substrates. The roll configuration is what we used to print the panels. 

Digital Die Cutting  on our MGE-iCut:  w allows us to contour cut media 84 inches wide by extended lengths with precision cut finished edges. 


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