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Duratrans - Backlit Graphic

“Backlit graphics, more often referred to as Duratrans, are commonly seen in high traffic areas as they stand out from surrounding graphics.” 
Carlos Ruiz; Mall Property Manager. PREIT, Philadelphia

Have you ever been amazed by the vibrant color saturation of the Backlit Graphics you see when you walk through an airport, mall or casino?  This “Popping Effect” is why Duratrans still reigns as king of quality when it comes to backlit, translight signage.  No other process, inkjet or flat bed, can mirror the outstanding quality, crispness, and density of Digital Photographic Duratrans.   True Duratrans is the finest continuous tone quality available in the Digital Photographic Print marketplace today.

Light Boxes are considered a great marketing tool.  Illuminating your marketing message is sure to capture the attention of your customers.  That is why Duratrans is becoming more commonplace in:

  • Jewelry Stores
  • Movie Theaters
  • Fashion Kiosks
  • Casinos
  • Hotels
  • Mall Kiosks
  • Fine Art Retail Stores.
  • Museums
  • Restaurants

Duratrans and Photographic Prints are where Quaker Chroma Imaging built its stellar reputation. Today, we are still one of the few photo labs left in the country.  Utilizing a Durst Lambda and a Light Jet 430 we continue to produce the highest quality continuous tone photographic images available. With our full service Laminating Department we can enhance the durability of our Photographic Duratrans. Lo-Glare UV Satin Lamination, exclusively for Duratrans, is a must for areas of sun exposure. Lamination is the best recommendation for increased graphic longevity.

Duratrans can be reverse mounted to the inside surface of plexi-glass for maximum durability.  Quaker Chroma imaging is highly skilled at mounting and laminating.  We use premium backlit film and optically clear adhesive.



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