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“ You have to do something bold to make news and make events newsworthy.”
As tweeted by EWI Worldwide

The digital revolution that has occurred over the past 10 years now provides Event Planners with a plethora of options.  The ability to create an environment and transform almost any facility into a well branded venue is an Event Planners dream.  There are so many substrates available now that are for floors, windows, walls, ceilings, columns, and doors that almost anything is possible.  The removable adhesive products have advanced so much that now you can stick them to almost any surface and remove them without any residue when your event is over.

Quaker Chroma Imaging has remained a leader in the Wide Format Printing world by continuing to provide the options for bold event graphics.  Versatility has been a clear priority for us when providing Event Planners options in  Solvent Printing for Vinyl Banners and Adhesive Vinyl, Dye Sublimation Printing to Fabric. Digital Photographic Services, Flat Bed Direct Printing, Digital Routing and Cutting, and Mounting and Laminating,

Whether your looking to adorn an arena or you just need a podium banner QCI has the solutions for your event!  Please contact our Customer Service Team at 800-543-8883 to find out more about our many products available for Events.



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