Help Common Questions and Answers for QCI Clients
How to pay

Information to come.

How to send us a file

We have found that uploading files through websites is very slow and often the upload times out.  The fastest way to get us files is uploading them to our ftp site.  Because this is a secure password protected site to protect our clients and their files we can't post the log in information here.  Please either email us at or call us at 800.543.8883 for ftp access.

How to set up Fabric Frame

View our PDF on how to set up your silicone edged fabric frame
View PDF

How to set up Soft Image Wall

Information to come.

Expolinc Panel Guide
QCI Art Files Guide

View our PDF Art Files Guide, it will tell you: View PDF

  • - What file types do we recommend, what resolution should images be and How much bleed do we need
  • - What is fabric stretch and how does it effect the positioning of graphics and type
  • - What is the best way to supply files and QCI FTP Access:

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